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Basic TV Mounting.


  • Be conversational and go over pre-call discussions regarding the service(s), TV, and mounting location.

  • • Review the details of the Basic TV Mounting service with the client and outline the work you will be performing.

  • Ensure the Basic TV Mounting service meets the client’s expectations and needs. The Basic TV Mounting is mounting a flat panel TV on the wall. It also doesn’t cover Drywall Fireplace Mounting, mounting the TV to a custom surface, or setting up audio devices.

  • If the client would like a setup and tutorial, wires concealed, or streaming service support; it would be best to offer the full Premium mounting along with any appropriate add-on services.

  • Help the client anticipate impact by outlining alterations that will be made to the structure and/or property to mount the TV.

  • Ask questions and actively listen for the desired outcome; provide honest advice based on what is best for them.


  • If replacing a TV, uninstall existing unit and video devices from wall or furniture piece(s).

  • If assembled, remove the base or pedestal from the TV and attach the mounting bracket or arms to the display.

  • Secure the wall mount bracket to a standard wall based on manufacturer guidelines the desired mounting height from the client.

  • Hang the TV on the wall mount bracket and use bracket adjustments to level and/or achieve best viewing angle.

  • Route the interconnect cables to source device(s) and ensure the cables are neatly dressed. Cables will be exposed, not concealed within the wall or by installing cord covers/wire channels.

  • Set security screws and plug the TV into an existing power outlet. TV power cables cannot be concealed within the wall.  

  • Connect the TV to video devices in a single room.

  • Perform a test run of the setup


  • Encourage questions and discuss In-Home Solutions that would improve the experience. Listen for insight to the client’s changing needs over time and help them envision and plan for the future.

  • It’s like we were never here; clean up the work area and remove all tools, supplies, packing materials, and sweep as needed.

  • Outline troubleshooting steps and/or tutorial documentation based on what’s included in the Basic TV Mounting service.

  • Help your client know what to expect and prepare for what’s next; leave them with the appropriate contact information in case something goes wrong

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