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Smart Wireless Doorbell Install.


  • Be conversational and revisit your pre-call discussions regarding smart wireless doorbell device, setup, and location.

  • Ensure the services purchased meet the client’s needs/expectations. This service does not include installing of modifying any wires from the electrical panel to the existing transformer, running any wires, or setting up a new Wi-Fi network.


  • When replacing an existing hard-wired doorbell, check voltage of doorbell with a multimeter before disconnecting. o Shut off power to the doorbell transformer and utilize breaker lockout device. Verify that there is no voltage going to the existing doorbell wires with a voltage meter and/or non-contact voltage tester.

  • Install smart doorbell for Wi-Fi configuration per manufacturer guidelines. o If applicable, setup any included smart doorbell specific chime.

  • Guide the client through downloading the mobile application and assist in setting up any user accounts, system settings, and preferences.

  • Add the smart doorbell to an existing and functional wireless network or client-supplied Smart Hub.

  • Update firmware/software of the smart doorbell and make any required adjustments to the existing network if they are necessary.

  • Provide client with the ability to stream to mobile app on the client’s device, when applicable.

  • Verify doorbell functionality and coverage is satisfactory to client and demonstrate changing camera batteries, as needed.

  • Perform a test run of the system and prepare for client demonstration and education.


  • Create excitement by providing an overview of the new doorbell and what was accomplished during the service.

  • Empower the client by having them show you what they learned and go over how to operate their new doorbell and app.

  • Encourage questions and discuss In-Home Solutions that would improve the experience.

  • Clean up the work area and remove all tools, supplies, packing materials, and sweep as needed.

  • Discuss basic troubleshooting steps, tutorial documentation, and best practices to keep their data, personal information, devices, and network safe from potential risks and breaches.

  • Be there for the client. Provide them with support instructions including necessary contact information in case they need it later.

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