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Smart Door Lock


  • Ensure existing lock type is compatible with selected smart lock.

  • Verify the existing and functional wireless network has the sufficient signal strength at install location and/or where the bridge/hub may be setup.

  • Using the supplied instructions and parts, install the smart door lock per manufacturer guidelines.

  • Guide the client through downloading the mobile application and assist in setting up any user accounts, system settings, and preferences. Show the customer how to update these credentials and settings for future reference.

  • Pair control or app to lock and verify functionality.

  • Perform a test run of the setup to prepare for client demonstration and education.


  • Create excitement by providing an overview of the device and what was accomplished during the service.

  • Empower the client by having them show you what they learned and go over how to operate their new door lock.

  • Encourage questions and discuss In-Home Solutions that would improve the experience.

  • Clean up the work area and remove all tools, supplies, packing materials, and vacuum/sweep as needed.

  • Provide basic troubleshooting steps, tutorial documentation, and best practices to keep their data, personal information, devices, and network safe from potential risks and breaches.

  • Let your clients know we are with them for the long haul. Leave them with contact information and what they should do for future support.

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