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Harmony Programming.


  • Encourage questions and let the client know you have their best interests in mind by showing the benefits of having a Harmony remote programmed for their entertainment system and/or smart home devices.

  • Confirm the client understands that programming a Harmony Remote does not include a TV/ audio setup, or additional smart home setup. Due to the recommendations and limitations provided by the manufacturer, programming a harmony for control of more than a single zone or video display is not advised or supported.


  • As needed, connect the remote or remote hardware to the existing wireless network.

  • Configure the customer’s Harmony user account and profile. Be sure to recommend a strong/safe password and discuss the benefits of securing their information. Show the customer how to update these credentials and settings for future reference.

  • Program the Harmony remote to control up to 8 devices and 6 activities. o Use the Add-on Smart Home Customization SKU for additional device/activity control.

  • When applicable, guide the client through the installation of the control app on an existing/compatible mobile device.

  • For Harmony remotes requiring the setup of a Radio Frequency (RF) base station, the setup of the base station is included.

  • Test remote control to ensure all devices are working properly.

  • Recommend to the client they should document their Harmony user account credentials for future use.


  • Enrich the client’s life by demonstrating what’s possible when removing the hassle of several remotes and having one universal Harmony Remote to control their system.

  • Show the client introductory troubleshooting steps such as the “Help” button, and what to do if an activity doesn’t launch as expected. Discuss best practices to keep their data, personal information, devices, and network safe from potential risks and breaches.

  • Answer any questions the client may have and discuss In-Home Solutions that would improve their experience. Consider the client’s changing needs over time and help them explore and plan for the future.

  • It’s like we were never here; clean up the work area and remove all tools, supplies, packing materials, and vacuum/sweep as needed. Perform haul-away / recycle as the work order dictates.

  • Let your clients know we are with them for the long haul. Leave them with contact information and what they should do for future support.

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