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Add-on In-wall Power Extension Install.


  • Help the client make a better and more informed decision on the work you will perform. Go over the option of installing an IWPE kit if there is not an outlet existing behind the equipment location and concealing wires is important.

  • Confirm the client understands that the In-Wall Power Extension Install is an Add-on service and does not include additional Add-on Custom Wire Run/Termination, electrical work, or any other custom labor services.

  • Outline alterations that will be made to the structure and/or property to complete the IWPE installation and what the product will look like once installed.


  • If the IWPE kit is to be installed in a leased or managed property; ensure the client has the necessary letter of approval from the property owner. As with any installation requiring wire concealment, this authorization is required for each work area requiring drilling or structural alteration.

  • Before beginning, confirm the outlet, display, and/or devices that will be powered by the In-wall Power Extension kit are functional by testing those devices before the kit is installed.

  • Only use the parts and accessories that are packaged with the In-wall Power Extension kit. Do not alter the product outside of manufacturer guidelines and do not use in conjunction with extension cords, grounding adapters, etc.

  • Cut the holes for the boxes as instructed in the owner’s/installation manual. Inlet box should be no lower than 12” and no higher than 18” from the floor. Both the inlet and outlet boxes must be within the same stud bay.

  • Run the supplied in-wall power wiring within a single stud bay and connect the wiring as outlined in the manufacturer instructions.

  • Mount the supplied boxes in access holes and ensure all cable exit points are finished using supplied accessories.

  • Plug the IWPE external power cord to an existing grounded outlet or surge protector/power conditioner and the devices to be powered to the installed IWPE outlet. Reconfirm functionality before further installation or moving furniture.

  • Perform a test run of the IWPE before presenting the installed device the client.


  • Before the In-wall Power Extension kit is concealed behind a display or furniture, show the client the completed installation and confirm they do not have any additional questions or concerns.

  • Clean up the affected work area before moving on to the next portion of the scheduled service(s).

  • Be there for the client. Provide them with support instructions including necessary contact information in case they need it later.

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