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Home Wi-Fi Setup.


  • Ask the client questions around what their expectations are with their Wi-Fi network.

  • Seek to understand what matters most for their wireless, mobile devices, and smart home devices; this will show you genuinely care and value them.

  • The Home Wi-Fi Setup does not include troubleshooting connectivity problems that are caused by the ISP hardware or connection, running or terminating network lines, mounting wireless access points, or configuring advanced network settings like network controllers, managed network switches, or dual WAN/failover infrastructures.


  • Verify Internet speed at modem or gateway using a company provided mobile device. o Modem/gateway must be existing/installed before appointment or a Home Modem Setup should be sold/scheduled.

  • Connect 1 Router or Whole Home Wi-Fi node to the modem/gateway and update firmware.

  • Configure network settings for router/hub, including a Guest Network if requested.

  • If needed, guide the client through any necessary user account setup and configuration. Be sure to recommend a strong/safe password and discuss the benefits of security enhancements like two-factor authentication. Show the customer how to update these credentials and settings for future reference.

  • Change network SSID per client preference. 

  • Change network administrator username and password and provide to client for future reference.

  • Enable wireless encryption to the latest industry standard that is supported by the hardware.

  • Connect existing Wi-Fi devices to the network and verify functionality.. • Setup up to 2 existing network devices such as an access point, range extender, EoP or MoCA adaptor, or mesh nodes (up to 3 total).


  • Create excitement by sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm about what’s possible with the client’s new technology.

  • Discuss basic troubleshooting steps, tutorial documentation, and best practices to keep their data, personal information, devices, and network safe from potential risks and breaches.

  • Be there for the client. Provide them with support instructions including necessary contact information in case they need it

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